Master Painter Seraphine Showcases Korean Art

Gallery 113, Santa Barbara

Gallery 113 in La Arcada Court showcasing the Korean Art of Seraphine. Photo Credit: Demi Goddess Chronicle
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Master painter Seraphine. Photo credit Demi Goddess Chronicle

Master painter Seraphine. Photo credit Demi Goddess Chronicle

By: Christy Oldham

January 6, 2015, Los Angeles, CA.- Internationally acclaimed master painter, Seraphine, is the featured painter of the month at Gallery 113 in La Arcada court in Santa Barbara. Visitors can view her striking works beginning January 7- 31st. Created exclusively at a Southern Korean folk village in the volcanic area of the isolated Province called Jeju Island, the gallery invites guests to meet the artist and see her exquisite master pieces in person for the opening reception on January 7, 2016 from 5pm-8pm.

“Jeju island is a totally different architecture structure than the people on the mainland. Because its so desolate and harsh, people were exiled there in the sixteen hundreds. I enjoyed meeting women who were divers for abalone muscles (edible sea snails). They were like mermaids” Seraphine said.

Jeju island is in the Korea Strait, southwest of South Jeolla Province, of which it was a part before it became a separate province in 1946. According to legend, three demi-gods emerged from Samsung which is said to have been on the northern slopes of Mt. Halla and became the progenitors of the Jeju people who founded the Kingdom of Tamna. In 1910, Japan annexed Korea, including Jeju, inaugurating a period of hardship for the islanders until the Jeju uprising in 1948. In 2006, Jeju was made into the first and only Special Self-Governing area of South Korea.

Paintings of Jeju Island. Photo credit: Demi Goddess Chronicle

Paintings of Jeju Island. Photo credit: Demi Goddess Chronicle

Indicative of the master works by Monet and Cezanne, Seraphine has been recognized by the Korean government and featured on KBS (Korean Broadcasting System-America) on the Nightly News Worldwide about artists and exhibitions in Los Angeles. Her brilliant, highly accomplished and cleverly crafted nature themed paintings have been shown in galleries all over the world.

Seraphine in Gallery 13 in La Arcada court. Photo Credit: Demi Goddess Chronicle

Seraphine in Gallery 113 in La Arcada court. Photo Credit: Demi Goddess Chronicle

She has over five decades experience showing her Impressionistic artwork by invitation and juried art festivals such as the prestigious Beverly Hills Affaire in the Garden Art Festival, The Brentwood Autumn Art Show, The Ojai Festival of the Arts and one person exhibitions at The Santa Barbara Jazz & Wine Festival, Best of The Best Exhibition in Lompoc, California, The Faulkner Gallery in Santa Barbara, The Nathan Gallery in San Francisco, The Speaker Gallery in Beverly Hills, as well as The Boulder Art Association in Boulder, Colorado, The Washington Art Association, The Southwest Design Gallery and Jewish Community Center- all in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The ingenious and expressive artwork that Seraphine creates has been purchased by private collectors in Ireland, France, Australia and acquired extensively throughout the United States by high profile executive collectors and Hollywood celebrities. Seraphine’s awards and accolades include an American Artist Award, three Who’s Who in California, In Advertising and in Education Awards, and an Outstanding Teachers Award at the Glendale Community College as well as a nomination for the Golden Apple Award at Pierce Community College. She appeared 3 times on the Lou Grant TV Show in 1979 and has received multiple honorable mentions from 1969 through 2002 in various galleries around the world. She has also worked for Hanna-Barbara, making artistic props and costumes for stage, TV and production design and has led art direction on an AFI film.

Long Shadow Studio, her art studio in Studio City, California, is available for private showings. To book a private appointment with the artist, please click here or call 818-762-0236.

Gallery 113 is located at: 1114 State Street, 8 La Arcada Court, Santa Barbara, CA, 93101. For more info, please call: 805-965-6611

About Seraphine

A graduate of Art Center College of Design – Pasadena, California with a
Master’s In Advertising/Graphic Design and a BFA in
Fine Art from CSUN, she has shown at the New Orleans
Museum of Fine Art and in gallery exhibitions throughout
the United States. Her work was featured on the nightly
World news broadcast by the Korean Broadcasting
Service and in a web based magazine sponsored by
the Korean government. She was accepted into the
International Competition of American Women Artists with
a month long show in Santa Fe, NM and is listed in
Who’s Who in American Art, in American Women, in California Education, and in Advertising
Design. She was accepted into a 3 Nation International Competition and an Internet
International Competition Exhibition viewed only on-line, and was voted Honorable Mention
from the viewing public and is an invited member of American Artists. She has taught
Innumerable art classes at community colleges and universities throughout the Los
Angeles and Southern California area. Her hand stitched memory quilt of her late
husband’s life, Rodney Buckner, won 2nd place at both the Ventura County Fair and the
California State Fair. A Cajun, originally from Louisiana, she is known for her extensive
series of nature paintings concentrating on the reflective
play of light on water. Her first exhibition was a 5’x4’
waterdrop painting at the New Orleans Museum of Fine
Art formerly known as Delgado Museum.

As a member of the Santa Barbara Art Association, she is represented
by Galley 113 of Santa Barbara, CA. and is also currently available for private representation.



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