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Review: DEMON

By: Christy Oldham / 8. 23. 2016


A love story set from beyond the grave, the best thing about this film is the frolicking intoxicated guests at the Polish wedding. DEMON is loosely constructed around the iconic ancient figure from Jewish folklore named dybbuk. The films execution and visuals are fantastic but unfortunately, the narrative theme is predictable. The cliché of a bride digging up a grave with a shovel in her wedding dress, in the pouring rain, whilst her groom is possessed by a ghost, is a non original staple throughout the history of filmmaking.

DEMON is based on Polish writer Piotr Rowicki’s play Adherence and is the final directorial work by Marcin Wrona, who died just as DEMON was set to premiere in Poland.  Written by Pawel Maslona and Marcin Wrona, the lead actor Itay Tiran was believable as the doomed groom until he became “occupied” and his performance then lacked original thought. DEMON was an official selection at the Toronto International Film Festival and won Best Horror Feature in 2015 at the Austin Fantastic Fest. 

The Orchard is releasing DEMON on Friday, September 9, 2016 in New York and Los Angeles.


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