Trailer Trash Tammy Reveals The Meaning Of Life

Comedian Chelcie Lynn, a.k.a. "Trailer Trash Tammy"
Comedian Chelcie Lynn, a.k.a. "Trailer Trash Tammy" is an internet sensation. She's been compared to the comic genius Chris Farley. Her creation of Tammy, an original one-of-a kind character, has million's of subscribers on youtube.
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by: Paige Anderson

In this video, Trailer-Trash Tammy answers questions from her fans and gives some really great entertaining advice that we can all use regarding relationships, personal hygiene and the secret to happiness.

What is the Meaning of Life?

Millions of fans ask Tammy advice on just about everything and she is happy to give it. The most common question is: What is the meaning of life? Her answer is profound. Relationships are hard. Tammy knows that there is no easy way to tell your partner that they may need a shower. So, she offers a brilliant suggestion on how to tell your partner to have better personal hygiene. In the bedroom, she suggest that women ‘spice it up’ and to have confidence when looking for love and even gives locations where potential men can be found. Tammy is the best!  Enjoy the video!


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Paige Anderson
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