Legalized Marijuana is Booming

The medicine woman Charis Burrett
The Medicine Woman founder Charis Burrett showcased her cannabis brand at the 2021 Hall Of Flowers Trade Show on December 8 and 9. She produces concentrates, tinctures, and cartridges, specializing in unique, deliciously flavored terpenes with potency and exotic flavor. Her mission is to provide marijuana enthusiasts with high-quality cannabis products that can address the entire body, mind, and spirit. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
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December 10, 2021

By: @demigoddesspictures

Legalized marijuana is now a recognized drug in 35 states. The cannabis industry is booming and female cannapreneurs are thriving. Even though it is still considered a controlled substance under federal government guidelines, recreational cannabis has been smoked for centuries to achieve relief from stress and depression and to treat chronic pain and sickness. Marijuana companies also use the non-psychoactive ingredient CBD (cannabidiol) in many edibles such as chocolate, tea and gummies and also tinctures like oils and body lotion.

Legalized Marijuana

The pandemic is helping drive the thriving cannabis industry. In 2019, the legalized marijuana market made 3.1 billion dollars. Cannabis sales for 2021 will near $35 billion and global sales are forecasted to reach 62.1 billion by 2026. Technology is assisting weed delivery companies and online directories (such as in reaching new customers. And massive cannabis trade shows like Hall of Flowers in Cathedral City, California, have elevated the industry by facilitating in-person B2B commerce between top brands and retailers.

Hall Of Flowers Trade Show

The 2 day inaugural show took place on December 8 and 9. Thousands of industry attendees meandered inside a colossal 84,000 square foot convention space to network and celebrate all things cannabis. Meanwhile, a shangri-la atmosphere was created outside with artificial turf, food trucks, café lights and huge comfortable pillows to relax and work. Attendees were asked to only sample cannabis products outdoors. A special state-of-the-art air neutralizing system was also created to prevent cannabis odors from lingering or escaping the trade show area.

Check out some of the highlights below:

People sitting on pillows outside
Attendees network outside on the beautiful grounds of the 2021 Hall of Flowers Cannabis Trade Show. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
LOVE GRASS CEO Avery Rose showcased her tincture for people and pets who need stress relief. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
David Danon Caligreengold cannabis
CaliGreenGold CEO David Danon showcased his ultra luxury cannabis brand that represents “pure, potent and loud” strains. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
Wellfounded botanicals team
The Wellfounded botanicals team is a female owned brand that uses ingredients which are “sun-grown with love”. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
A L T co-founders Marc Soo and Robert Davis
A L T co-founders Marc Soo (white shirt) and Robert Davis showcased their revolutionary liquid compatible technology that enhances any beverage with THC. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
BUSTAN reps offered guests swag and positive vibes from their Hollister, California brand. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
BUSTAN cannabis
BUSTAN cannabis on display
Willie's Reserve rep Mia Jane
Willie’s Reserve rep Mia Jane reminded guests that Willie Nelson was enjoying the beneficial properties of smoking cannabis way before it was legalized. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
Big Mike cannabis reps
Reps for Big Mike (known as the Godfather of Good Cannabis) helped guests discover their green thumb with his signature BIG BUD fertilizer. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
Moon Valley Organics
Moon Valley Organics Farming CEO Joshua Wegleitner (L) and cultivation manager Kayden, grow hand crafted cannabis in northern California. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
Stone Road Cannabis Lex Corwin
Stone Road CEO Lex Corwin (R) and partner, are a team of sun-grown flower cultivators who own a 57 acre off-grid farm in Nevada City, CA. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
Save The Terps
Boveda reps from “Save The Terps” program helps brands, cultivators and retailers set their products apart while also protecting terpenes. Boveda, the original terpene shield, protects your terps from losing everything you love (aroma, flavor effect) with different sizes based on your cannabis storage needs. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
Karma originals cannabis
KARMA Originals SVP Joe Casciato educated guests on their tasty premium brand of solventless rosin and kief infused pre-rolls. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
Moon Made Farms Tina Gordon
MOON MADE is a female owned cosmic calling farm in Humboldt, California that is run by Tina Gordon (not pictured). Her partner wanted everyone to know that Tina thrives as an active cannabis farmer and advocate, having experienced firsthand the many benefits of sustainably-grown therapeutic cannabis and food-based medicine. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
PUFF pre-rolls
PUFF pre-rolls reps reminded guests that their brand is rolled with strain specific batches and fresh buds that are ground daily. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
Superior Distribution Cannabis
Josh (R) and partner of Superior Distribution showcased their many products including their popular electric spliff vape cartridges. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
HAZE & MAIN director Travis Rice offered guests the very finest in medicated cannabis edibles which are made with only the highest quality cannabis extract and the highest quality ingredients. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
Oakfruitland cannabis
Oakfruitland rep showcased their premium indoor cultivated cannabis flowers which are available in over 60+ dispensaries. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle
zig-zag rolling papers
Zig-Zag reps gifted guests with their iconic rolling paper, known for its slow burn and rolling ease. Photo by @demigoddesschronicle

For a full list of exhibitors, click HERE


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