American Gin Lovers Rave Over G’Vine French Gin

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Americans are in love with G'Vine, a new French gin that the French have kept secret for almost two decades.
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By: @demigoddesspictures

Los Angeles – American gin lovers are rejoicing now that a revolutionary gin made of grapes instead of grains has ramped up prevalence in the U.S with direct-to-consumer availability online. It’s a French gin called G’Vine. I was invited to attend International Gin & Tonic Day in a decadent botanical garden in Los Angeles to celebrate the arrival of G’Vine and more importantly, to taste for myself what my fellow gin lovers were all raving about.

Women drinking G'Vine French Gin
My favorite is G’Vine Floraison because of its smooth texture and hints of floral notes that pair nicely with a bright sunny day in Los Angeles. Photo credit IG/G’Vine


The essence of G’Vine largely comes from fine French grapes and the vine flower. Once a year, in mid-June, the vine flower blossoms. This delicate flower, which exists for just a few days before maturing into a grape berry, is immediately handpicked to preserve its fragrance and flavor. Created in 2006 from the expertise of master distiller Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, G’Vine applies grapes and vine blossoms, offering a lux, aromatic experience that discerning American gin lovers are in ‘high spirits’ over.

Making Summer Last Longer

The vine flower is a summer bloom that actually tastes like the season, which is why G’Vine gin lends so well to the concept of ‘making summer last longer’. “This is the gin for the evolving landscape of gin lovers who appreciate the craft of fermentation, who seek more complex and appealing flavor notes and mouth feel, and who want to move away from grain spirits and gluten in general,” said Robicquet. And he would know! Robicquet was the 9th (and the first French) person to be honored with the accolade of being inducted into The Gin Hall of Fame.

Woman in swimming pool with gin

The Vineyard

Maison Villevert is the ancestral family property vineyard and the company’s headquarters. In 1528 Maison Villevert belonged to Jehan Robicquet, who was a courtier and confidant of François I, King of France, and his official supplier of hides, furs and feathers. Today the residence is surrounded by 80+ acres of vineyards. It fuels uniquely crafted spirits and welcomes guests and visitors for tours.

Maison Villevert Vineyard
Maison Villevert Vineyard is in southwestern France and specializes in the creation and production / distillation of super-premium spirits. Photo credit IG/G’Vine

Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, founder and president of Maison Villevert has created 10 brands sold internationally since 2001 including Ciroc for Diageo G’Vine Floraison, Nouaison Gin, June Gin, Excellia Tequila, La Quintinye Vermouth Royal and La Guilde du Cognac. Maison Villevert has won almost 160 international awards and distinctions including 35 gold medals.

With increased distribution in American retail and restaurant outlets, G’Vine gin is no longer a stealthy elixir enjoyed exclusively by the French.

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