Tammy Bangs New Comedy Web Series Release

Chelcie Lynn Comedian
Comedian Chelcie Lynn is an internet sensation. Photo courtesy of IG/MukBangs.
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by: Christy Oldham

Raw Comedy

You only live once. But if you live right, once is enough.- Mae West

Up and coming comedian, Chelcie Lynn, has a filthy style of comedy that is so bawdy and in-bad-taste, that even Mae West would be impressed. Lynn started building a fan base in 2014 when her foul-mouthed sketches featuring her alter ego Trailer Trash Tammy went viral. Her new web series, Tammy Bangs, just wrapped its last episode of it’s first season. If raunchy comedy is your thing, then go ahead and subscribe. It’s seriously better entertainment than anything on any other streaming platform right now.

Trailer Trash Tammy

To demonstrate our point further, check out the video below. In this sketch, Trailer-Trash Tammy answers questions from her fans and gives some really great entertaining advice that we can all use regarding relationships, personal hygiene and the secret to happiness.

What is the Meaning of Life?

Millions of fans ask Tammy advice on just about everything and she is happy to give it. The most common question is: What is the meaning of life? Her answer is profound. Relationships are hard. Tammy knows that there is no easy way to tell your partner that they may need a shower. So, she offers a brilliant suggestion on how to tell your partner to have better personal hygiene. In the bedroom, she suggest that women ‘spice it up’ and to have confidence when looking for love and even gives locations where potential men can be found.

Libbie Higgins

Libbie Higgins Comedian
Comedian Libbie Higgins

Every successful comedy team since vaudeville had one amazing key element: chemistry. Tammy and her cousin Crystal (comedian Libbie Higgins) reflect this fact to a T. Simply put, these two “sturdy gals” are like peas and carrots.  During the surging pandemic, they even teamed up to bring comedy on the road to sold out venues by headlining clubs is the south and midwest on The Tammy Tour 2021. Audiences love them and even created a fan club!

Season 2 of Tammy Bangs is now in production.


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