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Since 2013, DemiGoddess Chronicle has delivered digital entertainment news specializing in the empowerment of women.  Created as a platform to inspire entrepreneurs, we showcase successful, powerful voices who are experts in their fields of technology, finance, relationships, entertainment, journalism and health & beauty. We also showcase up and coming artists, designers, authors, activists, educators and filmmakers. Our international travel covers the lifestyle, culture and diversity of all women from around the world. 

DGC also cares deeply about our relationships with companion animals. Ultimately, our furry babies are the ones who stay loyal through the herculean process of entrepreneurship. So, we also offer tips and tutorials from our pet experts aimed at creating a healthy and happy life for them.  

May we prosper, be good to each other and live life to it’s fullest! We’re all in this together! 




DemiGoddess Chronicle

Christy Oldham

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