Gorongosa Coffee – Girls Run The World

Gorongosa Coffee
Who runs the world? Girls. All profits from this specialty coffee support the education of Gorongosa's vibrant young African women.
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by: @demigoddesspictures

June 10, 2021

One of Africa’s greatest parks is the Gorongosa National Park (GNP) in the heart of central Mozambique, Southeast Africa. Its forests and savannahs are home to a mixture of wildlife such as lions, hippos, crocodiles and elephants in the southern end of the Great African Rift Valley. Due to the area’s thirty-year civil war and the political and economic fall-out dating back to bloody uprisings from the 1960’s, poachers and professional hunters had almost decimated the beautiful park. But, by 2008, the Government of Mozambique and the Carr Foundation formed the “Gorongosa Project”. GorongosaNow, this public-private partnership for the joint management of the park and for human development in the communities near the park, have made leaps and bounds in significant progress. They have implemented strategies like conservation, science, sustainable tourism and programs such as education for girls, health care and agricultural support to families.

Gorongosa Coffee

The Park is surrounded by a sustainable development zone that’s home to people living on less than $2 a day. For generations, they relied on subsistence farming to get by. To thrive, they needed a more sustainable system that would support their livelihoods and the ecosystem around them. The answer, it turns out, was specialty coffee.


Sustainability With Specialty Coffee

All of the profits from coffee support people, wildlife, and the planet in Gorongosa National Park. By the year 2035, their goal is to have 20,000 girls with high school diplomas, 250,000 large mammals thriving (such as elephants) and one million rainforest trees planted.

Every Bag Counts

I personally love the Girls Run The World coffee blend. This medium roast blend with notes of pink grapefruit and toasted almond is a tribute to Gorongosa’s vibrant young women. For more info on how your purchase can help support educational programs for girls in Gorongosa National Park, click HERE


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