Transformational Leader Niurka Empowers Sold Out Crowd at Supreme Influence Event

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By: Christy Oldham @demigoddesspictures

Niurka speaking to a crowd of enthusiastic participants for Supreme Influence, her one day training event. Photo credit: Demigoddess Chronicle
Niurka speaking to a crowd of enthusiastic participants for Supreme Influence, her one day training event. Photo credit: Demigoddess Chronicle

March 7, 2016, Los Angeles-As a person who is devoted to living life at the highest level of excellence, I was over joyed to accept an invitation to the one day Supreme Influence event with the Transformational Leader and Goddess of Inspiration herself, the one and only Niurka. And she was on fire! niurka02The room was packed with eagar people, all races, all denominations, male and female, in anticipation of receiving teachings that have helped people all over the world embody their infinite potential. She has changed the lives of thousands of people and I am happy to say that I am one of them.

Prior to launching her company in 2000, Niurka was the top trainer for the world renown motivational genius Anthony Robbins and also promoted events across the United States for best selling author on success, Brian Tracy. Niurka’s research of the great spiritual texts, quantum mechanics and neuroscience over the last two decades is a framework of tools that she offers to help folks understand their ever-evolving selves.niurka04

The one day training event took place at the Marriot Hotel near LAX. I received valuable insight in multiple areas of my life but my ‘A-Ha’ moment came after watching a video that Niurka projected on the big screen. She instructed the audience to focus on the people in the white shirts who were bouncing balls back and forth to each other and then count how many times the ball was passed. I can do that, I thought to myself.

The lights dimmed and I focused intently on the balls while concomitantly counting them in my head. The lights sharpened and Niurka asked the audience with a show of hands their numbers. Some agreed that it was 10, others 13 and still others claimed 15. And then she asked “Did you see the gorilla in the video?” The room vibrated with muffled conversation. The lights dimmed and we all watched the video again. Sure enough, a gorilla had walked through the middle of the people in the video, pounded his chest, and exited. I was so focused on counting the bouncing balls that I completely missed the gorilla. The room erupted in baffled laughter. The lesson is that we project our perception of reality and overlook the bigger picture which often holds the answers to the questions that we have about life, our jobs, relationships, and of course, money.

Goddesses in attendance: Artist Emma Ferreira, Singer Mereedes Ganon, Film Producer Christy Oldham, Niurka and painter Seraphine. Photo credit: Neal Cohen for Demi Goddess Chronicle
Goddesses in attendance: Artist Emma Ferreira, Singer Mercedes Ganon, Film Producer Christy Oldham, Niurka and painter Seraphine. Photo credit: Neal Cohen for Demi Goddess Chronicle

The week that passed after attending Niurka’s Supreme Influence one day training event has made all the difference in my professional life. Emails flooded my inbox offering me what I had been seeking because I started to ask the right questions. I learned that the quality of my life mirrors the questions that I ask. Niurka taught me that by asking a question in the affirmative- meaning in the path that you want to go- infinite possibilities can come from the words that flow from my mouth. And since thoughts manifest ones environment, I am reminded to keep positive when asking my questions. As a student of Buddha’s teachings, I know that all that we are , are the results of what we have thought.

Niurka has inspired me further after reading her book Supreme Influence: Change Your Life with the Power of the Language You Use. It has become the companion literature that I keep beside my bed that reminds me that what I speak will always come find me.  Namaste.



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