Entrepreneur Holly Davidson Launches PR Business IConnectYou.Today

Holly Davidson working with William "Smokey" Robinson Jr.
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7 Oct 2017


I found a gap in the system that will allow me to be paid for my expertise and give advice to all businesses and to help them achieve their success regardless of income in a timely manner without having to sit through a six week seminar, pay thousands of dollars for a convention or read multiple books to get questions answered. Who has the time for all of that?”  -Holly Davidson

Entrepreneur Holly Davidson. Photo courtesy of Davidson Archive.
Entrepreneur Holly Davidson. Photo courtesy of Davidson Archives.

Entrepreneur, connector and Mother of three, Holly Davidson is the pulse of inspiration. Sharp-witted and intensely driven, Holly has nearly two decades experience in the entertainment industry as a producer and has now launched a PR and Strategic Communications company in Los Angeles called Iconnectyou.today that connects industry leaders, decision-makers, and experts with business entities that aim for the next level. The ingenuous marketing and advertising campaigns that Holly has executed for household brands over the years have created millions in revenue. Holly’s fierce instincts and proficiency are what keep her services in high demand.

DemiGoddess Chronicle sat down with Holly to discuss the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and the balancing act of motherhood. Here’s her refreshing and candid thoughts on both:

DGC: What inspired you to launch Iconnectyou.today?

HD:I created Iconnectyou.today to diversify my income so I wasn’t dependent on a few clients only. We have done many great things for companies of all statures and size, working with Director Zane and creating concept videos that have gone Viral for business and independent artists, connecting a skin care line to a Kardashian and Alana Stewart for private label, marketing concept for top fortune five hundred companies, bridging products to celebrities, award shows, placing brands on Televisions that may or may not have a budget. ..shows such as: CBS The Doctors, CNN HLT, LIFETIME, creating events and getting them picked up on Network Television etc. Write ups in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Daily Journal, Splash Magazine etc.  I would do all these amazing things and almost feel as the companies weren’t satisfied… I literally would get messages on my social media pages asking for advice on how to do specific things for start ups and large brands that own forty five other brands underneath them, Questions for loyalty incentives, Marketing concepts, raising funds for TV or Movies etc. I realized there was a gap in the system.

HollyD13.png.jpg (3)
Holly Davidson and Halle Berry attend the 2017 City Gala event at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Photo courtesy of Davidson Archives.
Holly Davidson behind the scenes with singer/record producer William “Smokey” Robinson Jr. Photo courtesy of Davidson Archives.

So many business owners need help they may have a great product or concept but don’t really know how to take it to the next level and or may have the contact buts don’t know how to work those contacts. Many people think its money that is holding them back and in all honesty it is relationships and leverage. I set out to really create a company where I can use my talents of telling people what to do and connecting them because I am so bossy lol to inspire other individuals out there that are just trying to create the American Dream for themselves and make a living doing what they love to do. There are so many Consultants out there and PR companies that don’t really do very much and take large amounts of money and don’t produce the problem with that is if you are a start up you don’t have the money to spend on those type of services so I found a gap in the system that will allow me to be paid for my expertise and give advice to all businesses  and to help them achieve their success regardless of income in a timely manner without having  to sit through a six week seminar, pay thousands of dollars for a convention or read multiple books to get questions answered. Who has the time for all of that?  The Platform at Iconnectyou.today has some of the most successful Social media influencers  connected to it,  Academy Award winning  Directors and Producers, Grammy Award winning Producers, Remixers, Video placements, Songwriters, the largest Radio Programmers,  marketing and adverting specialists for the top fortune five hundred companies.  Producers for some of the hottest television shows placed on network, Event coordinators for award shows, charities,  setting up school tours, Buyers for retail etc.. All whom I have the pleasure of working with assisting and creating a team with.  We are not here to feed your ego we are here to connect you, advise you, and lead you so your company can also have results regardless of stature. We have programs for all budgets.  

DGC: As an entrepreneur, what’s the best part of your job? And the part you don’t like as much?

HD: “There are so many things I am grateful about being an Entrepreneur. Its really hard to narrow it down. I am grateful for failing in the past because those have been my greatest lesson and really molded me into who I am today. I believe that experience trumps college degrees and knowing what you don’t want in life really helps you redirect your focus and look at the things you do want so you can strategically come up with  plan, so many people let fear over ride them. My philosophy is  just shut up and do it quit talking about it, quit having a meeting to plan a meeting, quit waiting for perfection because perfection is never going to come, quit waiting on lengthy proposal  because you will never gain the experience and become a master at any craft if you cant make moves, At the beginning I really didn’t know what I was doing and through trial and error I learned so much and created a family a team where we all have the same motive which is wanting the best for everyone.  I think one of the best parts of my job is the freedom and flexibility of being able to work make money but also living a life and doing things that I love to do without feeling guilty or afraid of being fired. Part of my job is making things  happen and I love the fact that every opportunity comes with a new challenge. I surprise myself sometimes with what I create out of nothing. Also  the strategies and ideas that literally come out mid air., Well actually I can’t take all the credit for that. Introducing people to one another that have such great synergy is also very exciting.  Before creating Iconnectyou.today and just being a business consultant I use to not like waiting for companies to approve a strategy  to make a move but now I don’t have to worry about that because I set up a whole new way of doing what I love to do and creating something that works for who I am and what I love and what I am good  and my team is good at.  I also can be selective of the people I do business with which a is beautiful thing.” 

DGC: What advice do you have for other women entrepreneurs who aspire to success?

HD:: “I realized at a very young age that I can only count on myself.  My successes are my successes and my failures are my failures.  I own it all.  Time management is key.  There is a lot to accomplish within 24 hours so how do you make it all work?  Let me share some of my personal tips:

  1. I have a spot for my keys and purse so I never looking for my keys and or purse before I leave the house.
  2. I have a spot for my keys in all my purses as well so I never have to spend time looking for my keys in my purse while Im out
  3. I park in the same parking spot all the time at stores so I  don’t have to spend time trying  to find my car
  4. I go to the same bank so the tellers know me and I have a relationship with them. That way, when they see me, there are no questions asked and I am in and out.
  5. I have had the same cell phone number for years so I don’t have to worry about people or contacts I haven’t been in contact with not being able to get a hold of me
  6. Every morning and evening, I clean my house do laundry fold and put way laundry so nothing gets backed up.  I do a lot of entertaining and there is only so much I can expect from my housekeeper.
  7. No matter what’s going on, I always try to look my best even If I don’t feel 100%.  My motto:  “If I don’t feel 100%, I’m going to look damn good so no one is ever the wiser.”  .Plus, if any last minute commitments pop up which I forgot about – I’m ready to go!
  8. I always give myself permission to have “off” days and realize those are just as important as “on” days
  9. I make sure I’m never too busy to take care of myself with eating good meals, drinking lots of water and doing things I enjoy doing.
  10. I exercise every day, even if it’s a 15 minute jog or run.
  11. I go to church on Sunday because it keeps me centered and grounded.
  12. I have a schedule, I stick to it and I never procrastinate.
  13. Reading is my passion and it is difficult for me to put down a book, once I start.  Literature, history, philosophy and biographies are my favorites.  .
  14. I make time for friends one a week even if it is for a quick latte or a walk in the park.  Friends and interacting with the outside world in a non-business setting is an integral part of completing the total human being.
  15. I am true to who I am and know that in order to be my best I cannot neglect who I am,.  I am very careful to never engage in unnecessary drama or negativity. 
  16. I spend my time doing things that matter]’ Don’t sweat the small things, just because you are invited into an argument doesn’t mean you have to attend! 
  17. No matter what challenges I face, I count my blessing every morning and every evening.  I love the phrase this too shall pass.”
Holly Davidson. Photo courtesy Davidson Archives.


DGC: How do you relax?

HD: “I relax by cleaning, listening to good music, meditating, vegging and asking people for help.” 

DGC: What can we expect from Iconnectyou.today in the future? 

HD:You can expect to see Iconnectyou.today inspiring other businesses connecting other businesses to platforms and helping other companies reach success.”

To find out how Holly can help your business, click HERE  


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