Menopause Awareness Month: Tips That Work

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by: Linda Stuarts-Duffy

Happy World Menopause Month 2020!

Many women are still worried about going through menopause. The less than desirable symptoms that accompany changing hormones — like hot flashes — can make us spray not only our house plants but ourselves with the bottle mister! Hey, why not! There are never any problems – only solutions, right?

Built By Women For Women

We ladies have also created companies that make products that work and have the support from science about transitioning. This month, October 2020, was dedicated specifically to women’s health and bringing awareness to this natural process. During World Menopause Month, we embrace the normal, natural part of this aging process. For me, the positive part about this time in my life is increased self-confidence, self-awareness, and greater freedom that menopause has brought. So, I have some tips that have helped with my symptoms and wanted to share them with you!

Hot Flash Tip

Take a customized supplement that has been proven to combat menopause symptoms. Hot flashes
are one of the most frequent symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. It’s that sudden
sensation of heat that comes from within which sends us gasping for air and to seek out air
conditioning by any means possible. My grandmother called them her “spells”. I personally open the
freezer door and just stand there, pressing a frozen bag of peas to my neck and boobs until the door
alarm beeps. Hot flashes aren’t the same for everyone and can last for various amounts of time.
There are many triggers for hot flashes including spicy food, alcohol, smoking and anxiety.

Night Sweat Tip

Waking up soaking wet most nights? Apply a progesterone cream! Creams that have a bioidentical
compounded estrogen are a safe alternative to conventional menopausal hormone therapy. I use a
40 MG progesterone cosmetic cream to control the night sweats. I apply the cream to my skin daily
and rotate the areas so that I evenly distribute the endogenous hormones. It took about 2 weeks for
the hormones to kick in.

Sex Improvement Tip

Menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness can make having sex painful. Use a few drops of vitamin
E oil in any over-the- counter lubricant just before sex for extra comfort. And, stay hydrated! I drink CBD water and I use CBD tinctures. Research shows that the active ingredients in cannabis — cannabidiol
(CBD)- which do not have THC (the ingredient that gets you “high”) has a wide array of potential
medical applications for pain, anxiety and seizure management. It has personally improved my sex
drive and I highly recommend it. If you are a veteran, you can even get a discount on products.

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About Linda Stuarts-Duffy 8 Articles
Linda Stuarts-Duffy is a retired Biology Professor of Medicine and an armchair political analyst who enjoys predicting political, social and economic trends. Her speaking engagements and knowledge in holistic medicine on the cellular level has helped to influence changes in lifestyle for many women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms. She is currently writing a book about her own experiences. She lives with her husband and two dogs near Bethel, NY.

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