Kamala Harris: Her Autobiographical Book Is A Must-Read

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By: Paige Anderson

The Ascent of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris, the former prosecutor turned United States senator, has claimed another title. She is now the 2020 Vice Presidential running mate to Democratic nominee Joe Biden. She is also the daughter of immigrants and the first black woman and Indian-American on a major political party ticket. In her book “The Truths We Hold: An American Journey”, she reveals growing up in a climate of liberal activism in Oakland, California, taking trips to India with her mom, joining the debate team in college and failing the bar exam at San Francisco’s UC Hastings law school.

Kamala Harris accepts nomination as Joe Biden's 2020 VP running mate
Kamala Harris accepts the Democratic nomination as Joe Biden’s 2020 VP running mate.

She rose far and very fast. Earlier in 2020, she ran nationally for the first time ever in the Democratic primary. But, it did not end well. Harris dropped out before the first vote. She’s got spunk, however. Yet, she also changes her stance on issues when it’s politically convenient. In the book, we get to know her and how she takes pleasure in campaigning.  She knows how to make a compelling speech, when to laugh and when the camera is framing her “close-up” so she can produce the perfect charming gesture. The latter is such a transparent character flaw that actress Maya Rudolph has spoofed her on Saturday Night Live.

Actress Maya Rudolph spoofing Kamala Harris on Saturday Night Live.
Actress Maya Rudolph spoofing Kamala Harris on Saturday Night Live.

Harris is now running for the second time. People like Harris who are tough and resilient learn from defeat. Will the American people be swayed by her charm to vote Democratic? Maybe her book holds subtle insights that will help voters in November make up their minds.   

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