Margaret Tomaszewicz Launches New European Skin Care Line WODA

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By: Christy Oldham

12, Feb 2017

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Margaret Tomaszewicz

I heard about a football game that was playing between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons the night before I was scheduled for my pampering session with Celebrity Esthetician Margaret Tomaszewicz in her studio, just two blocks from the beach in beautiful Santa Monica. Upon arrival, football fans were enjoying the bustling activity on third street promenade and wearing their favorite teams’ jersey- all in great antisipation of a victory. I opted instead for a peaceful escape from the game hubbub into Margaret’s calming sanctuary for a relaxing facial and a body scrub.

Margaret Tomaszewicz is a warm and kind woman with a gentle touch. She is a successful entrepreneur originally from Poland, a wife & mother, and survivor of the Iron Curtain. (i.e, The Iron Curtain was the name for the boundary dividing Europe into two separate areas from the end of World War II in 1945 until the end of the Cold War in 1991. ) Separate international economic and military alliances were developed on each side of the Iron Curtain and Margaret was fortunate enough to make it to the United States to visit family in 1980. She is now happily married for over three decades, has a daughter in film school and a fantastic new skin care line called WODA coming out.

DGC sat down with Margaret and this is what she had to say.

DGC: So tell us, how is your skin care line different?

MT: “I created WODA  European Natural Skin Care line with only the best and natural and organic ingredients, and were not tested on animals. The use of natural products was taught to me by my grandmother in my native Poland. Before there were crèmes in jars, Polish woman made their own recipes using herbs and fruits from the gardens. I also wanted to address all skin care types, including dry, acne, loss of elasticity, sensitivity and redness, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, for every product sold a tree is planted! I am also a Certified Oncology Esthetician which means I have the knowledge and experience to treat bodies that are immune-deficient because of cancer.”

Celebrity Esthetician Margaret Tomaszewicz in her studio. Photo by:
Celebrity Esthetician Margaret Tomaszewicz in her studio. Photo by:

DGC: What was your inspiration for creating WODA?

MT: “I have been an Esthetician for over 25 years.  My products were made to get results for my clients.  Skin care should not only be about beauty but also more importantly, about health and wellness of the skin. Some of the other skin care products claim to be natural but when I looked at their ingredients I knew they were not. WODA Skin Care is totally natural and organic and will give you the results you are looking for.”

DGC:  How are you different than other Estheticians?

MT: “Skin care is my passion. I have been privileged to start in this business when the skin care industry was just starting to be popular in America. I learned a long ago that my clients come to me not just to help them look good and radiant, but also in how they feel about themselves when they look into the mirror. Every facial is totally personalized and I spend as much time with each client as is needed to accomplish the best treatment. I often travel to Europe to bring new treatments that will be beneficial to my clients. I offer my clients expert knowledge, healthy products and cutting edge technology. My Skin Care Studio provides a well-needed Oases for my clients to relax and rejuvenate. “

DGC: What are the 3 most important things everyone needs to do for their skin?

MT: “The first is to thoroughly cleanse the skin at the end of the day. We are exposed to many pollutants during the day and we need to clean them off our skin so it can rejuvenate at night. Second is to apply serums and crèmes after cleansing to allow the nutrients to absorb. We must remember that our skin is our largest organ and it needs good “food”. Third is to protect with sunscreens during the day. UVA and UVB rays are damaging to our skin even if we do not see the sun. It is very important to use sunscreen every morning and to reapply it in the afternoon.”

DGC: What skin types do you specialize in?

MT: “All types! My clients come to me for advice with dry, acne-prone skin, mature, sun damage and rosacea skin. Rosacea is mostly misdiagnosed. I see this problem in more and more of my clients. Genetics plays the major role but today’s women are under stress and that shows on their skin. The chemicals they put on their skin harm them even more. Most clients treat their rosacea skin with acne products and that only serves to dry their skin with harsh chemicals. It is my job to properly assess the skin and recommend natural treatments and products to use in their home routine.”

Margaret Tomaszewicz points to her new skin care line WODA
Margaret Tomaszewicz holding her new skin care line WODA.

DGC: Is it to late to taker care of your skin?

MT: “No it is never to late. It is true that a lot of damage to our skin was done when we were young. Women and men were was not aware before of just how much damage was done by not protecting their skin from the sun or by not treating their acne skin properly. Today do we have tools and products to help reverse some of that damage and prevent more in the future. I have clients that come see me in their 70’s, and they are getting great complements.”

DGC: How often do I need to have a facial and how do I choose what type of facial to get?

MT: “Our skin needs to be treated and nurtured with monthly facials. I am also a Certified  Oncology Esthetician which means I have the knowledge to treat skin of people living with cancer. My skin care line, WODA (i.e, means water in Polish) is also used in all treatments because people living with cancer need to avoid putting any chemicals on their skin.  Most of my clients come to me every four to six weeks. Their are time do when they are getting ready for a movie shut or wedding they need to come for a weekly or biweekly session for a couple of months.  It all depends what we try to achieve,” she said. “It is my job to help them choose the best Facial Treatment and often we change them from one session to another. Different seasons also require different care. So if the client is not sure what facial to book, I offer them the European Facial or Deluxe European Facial and when they come in, I advise them on the one that is best for them. “


And finally, Margaret wants everyone to remember that “Every fifth facial is complimentary!”.

For more info or to book your facial, please click HERE or call 424-279-9771

Margaret’s studio is located at:

1333 2nd street #100, Studio #23

Santa Monica, California 90401


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