EINDRINK, The Revolutionary Purple, Party Poppin’ Mobile App Launch

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Feb 11, 2018

By: The Hollywood Trinity


EINDRINK- The new TRIPLE “P” MOBILE APP is here! Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Trinity for DemiGoddessChronicle.com
EINDRINK- The new TRIPLE “P” MOBILE APP is here! Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Trinity.

The Purple Party Poppin’ App Introduced World-Wide By The Hollywood Trinity


In this New Age of Social Media, the public sphere has become more inclusive and has created the need to share experiences.  Meeting someone “in person” has become a major event, whether it be your “soul mate” or your best friend – it has become almost virtually impossible!  This is where the mobile app revolution appears as a solution – you interact “on-line” but you connect “off-line.”  The question is:  how do you sort through the multitude of mobile app communities, all of which offer to help people to socialize, interact and connect “in real life?”  The Public Relations, Marketing & Social Media experts of The Hollywood Trinity have the answer and it’s called EINDRINK — The Purple, Party Poppin’ Mobile App!  This is one of the coolest Communities ever invented!  Created by European tech-entrepreneur Adrian Brezulianu, EINDRINK is about personalization and offering tailored communication to Users based on their interests, location, usage behavior, and more.  “Personalization is critical in making a mobile User Experience delightful,” says Hollywood Trinity Social Media Guru, Diego Valdez.”

DIEGO VALDEZ. Photo courtesy of THe Hollywood Trinity/DemiGoddessChronicle.com
DIEGO VALDEZ. Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Trinity.

“And, with the EINDRINK Mobile App, it’s easy to treat Users with a personalized experience.  This Purple Party Poppin’ App can let Users set up their preferences at the start, based on which users can be served with customized content,” adds Valdez.

The EINDRINK Mobile App can also custom recommendations and updates to the Users. Furthermore, EINDRINK can also identify location of the Users in real-time to provide geography-specific content so the User can find the most poppin’ party in town!”  In addition to improving User experience, EINDRINK’s personalization serves to improve the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, referred to as a “conversion rate.”  When Users are pampered with personalized content, they have a higher chance of making a conversion.

“EINDRINK is a Community Mobile App that includes a geographical location component which allows The User to find events within his/her location, connect, with friends and share the fun!

EINDRINK has revoultionized hanging out. Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Trinity for DemiGoddessChrobicle.com
EINDRINK has revolutionized hanging out. Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Trinity.

I’m already an active member of this Community and have recommended all of my celebrity friends to join and we invite YOU to become part of the EINDRINK Community.  The fun is only one “click” away on EINDRINK – the Purple Party Poppin’ Mobile App,” says Hollywood Social Media Star, Diego Valdez.

EINDRINK Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Trinity for DemiGoddessChronicle.com
EINDRINK- one click, more friends! Photo courtesy of The Hollywood Trinity.

The Hollywood Trinity is comprised of Public Relations Impresario Doris Bergman/Bergman Public Relations, Visionary Marketing Strategist, Holly Davidson and A-List Social Media Influencer, Diego Valdez along with over 10 associates and experts in their respective fields.

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