Progesterone Cream: The Miracle Solution for Hot Flashes

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by: Linda Stuarts-Duffy

I wish that I would have discovered the game-changing benefits of progesterone cream sooner. A few years back, my husband of 30+ years and I spent a romantic weekend in New Orleans, celebrating my 50th birthday. The delicious spicy food unfortunately triggered a higher caliber of never-ending hot flashes. The dense southern humidity in August intensified my menopausal symptoms and it soon became nearly impossible to catch my breath. I ended up staying inside our air conditioned hotel while my husband explored the city alone.

I had been taking vitamins and supplements for a few years which helped tremendously with the hot flashes and night sweats. But it was clear that my hot flashes had grown stronger – as if hell’s kitchen was flaming inside my chest. I needed something stronger and I needed it fast. I was miserable and so was my poor husband.

Boomer Naturals

When we returned home, I went to my OBGYN and told her about my elevated symptoms. The ferocity of the hot flashes seemed to have reached a whole new level. She said that my progesterone was low since I had a history of weight gain, fibroids and an irregular menstrual cycle. The vitamins and supplements helped with keeping my weight in check thank goodness so now I just needed to get control of the blistering hot flashes. She recommended a bioidentical compounded estrogen cream.

Progesterone Cream

Progesterone creams that have a bioidentical compounded estrogen are a safe alternative to conventional menopausal hormone therapy. I use a 40 MG  progesterone cosmetic cream now to control the intensity of my hot flashes. I apply the cream to my skin daily and rotate the areas so that I evenly distribute the endogenous hormones. It took about 2 weeks for my torrid hot flashes to subside. A bonus was that it also helped with my vaginal dryness! So now I take vitamins and rub progesterone cream on my body to safeguard myself from triggers that cause hot flash flare-ups. It has made all the difference. I have my life under control again. And date nights are back!

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Linda Stuarts-Duffy
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Linda Stuarts-Duffy is a retired Biology Professor of Medicine and an armchair political analyst who enjoys predicting political, social and economic trends. Her speaking engagements and knowledge in holistic medicine on the cellular level has helped to influence changes in lifestyle for many women who are experiencing menopausal symptoms. She is currently writing a book about her own experiences. She lives with her husband and two dogs near Bethel, NY.

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